me 1A hike on a large plateau near Vik, Iceland
me 2An early winter hike in the White Mountains
me 3Where you'll usually find me: running
me 4Enjoying time in the park

About Henry

Born a few years too late to come of age during the dot com bubble and too early to be considered an iPad kid, I grew up playing a lot of video games, tinkering with computers and electronics, and eventually learning how to code when I was 13.

As my interest in coding grew, I quickly found that I was as equally passionate about the aesthetic side of work as the functional side, so I began to split my time between design and development, never fully committing to one domain.

For a while, this was a challenge, where I felt as though I was constantly being pulled in either direction, juggling my time between two equally interesting fields. These days, however, as technology has developed and tools make it increasingly fast to put together a new idea, I enjoy sitting in the intersection as a design engineer.

I studied computer science and philosophy at Boston University, where I graduated in 2021. While my primary focus in school was computer science, I always found the elusive, equivocal aspect of philosophy as appealing as the definitive nature of CS. Outside of work, I'm usually spending time in the outdoors.


Senior Product Designer

Alvaria, Feb 2024 – Present

  1. Leading product design for a new product in the HR space focused on providing data-driven insights from employee data

Co-Founder, CTO, Lead Designer

CoStudy, April 2019 – Present

  1. Single-handedly designed and developed a fully functioning product to address the needs of hundreds of professors and thousands of students from a dozen universities across the country
  2. Scaled and matured the product over a two year period, utilizing user interviews
  3. Deployed and provided business-hours supports for customers alongside my co-founder

Product Designer

Just Appraised, May 2020 – Feb 2024

  1. Designed and developed with React a functional design system for the company, building the basis for all future product initiatives within the organization
  2. Consistently led design efforts across over a dozen different initiatives during my role
  3. Communicated internally with stakeholders from product teammates to engineering teams to coordinate and ensure design consistency within implementation
  4. Led external design feedback sessions to facilitate user research towards new product initiatives as well as existing user experience upgrades

Software Engineer/Software Engineering Intern

Robin, May 2019 – May 2020

  1. Developed browser extensions for Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook using React.js and scrum methodologies with a team of six
  2. Worked in conjunction with the design team to implement a design system to ensure consistency across products