Henry Kaufman

Product Designer @ Just Appraised

👋  Hello!

I'm a product designer based in Boston currently designing digital government experiences at Just Appraised. I've worked at Just Appraised since April 2020, helping design and create their assessor-facing workflow management tool as well as their public facing taxpayer portal. I have had the opportunity to lead the design efforts for the team, channeling my focus into creating thoughtful experiences for both assessors and their constituents alike.

On the side, I co-founded a startup, CoStudy, with a friend in college to help alleviate the challenges a professor faces when trying to create intuitive, transparent, and inclusive assessment for self and peer evaluation in higher education group projects. Over three years, we designed, developed, pivoted, iterated, and ultimately built a product that served over a hundred professors at a dozen universities across the country. I led the technological efforts for the product, where I designed, developed, and deployed a product that ultimately was used by thousands of students.

I studied computer science and philosophy at Boston University, where I graduated in 2021. While my primary focus in school was computer science, I always found the elusive, equivocal aspect of philosophy as appealing as the definitive nature of CS. Outside of work, I'm usually spending my time in the outdoors.